About us

Babes & Co is founded by Yusra Ravat, an Architect and mom who saw a need for specialized spaces for kids, and all that goes in it…

Our Story

Having children often lends some fresh perspective to new parents. For new mom and architect, Yusra, that perspective shone on kids spaces.

As she navigated the process of putting together her daughters nursery and playroom, and observing how children used the space, she realized that adult rules don’t apply.

Colour, scale, layout and function are received differently by children, and in order to optimize the spaces we provide for them, we need to design accordingly.

Babes & Co was born to provide parents with all they need to create the best environments for their little ones.


Having my own little one has taught me so much about the needs of children… At Babes & Co we keep your preferences in mind, and make sure your kids spaces are great spaces to grow up in! 


Our Decor Range

At Babes & Co, we stock furniture, decor, wallpaper, rugs and more! 

If you can’t find what you are looking for, give us a call, and our specialist will source it for you